Projects in preparation

Here is the list of projects that Dexpert plans to launch.


Launch by experts’ a business management activity, to export Ukrainian food products, to the French distribution networks. Our first contract is with the company DS SWEETS

We are looking for other products to complement the offer and create synergies: dairy products, chocolates, popcorn, fruit juice, dessert, appetizer

Target 6000 T / year and more. 2 trucks or containers per day. Creation of 8 jobs at Dexpert and around 100 at manufacturers


Advice, assistance, support, creation of a company for the purchase, export and distribution of decorative objects, souvenirs, memorials, advertising, personalized or not, for professionals of tourism, culture and travel French.

Objective: 200,000 objects annually, 1 truck per month. Creation of 5 direct jobs and 30 at the manufacturers.

January 1, 2019


Preparation of conferences, presentations, linking, in France, Ukrainian companies, to ensure knowledge, promotion and exchanges between the two countries. Implementation in the regional CCIs, club of companies, participation of representative associations of Ukrainians in France.

3 weeks in France, 15 conferences, 30 Ukrainian companies with different professional activities.

Objectives: 3000 French companies invited, 300 administrations informed, 100 sales contracts, purchases, outsourcing, cooperation, participation, investment ….

Spring 2019


Advice and support for the creation of a charcoal production and bagging unit for the Francophone market. Franco-Ukrainian co-investment. 500 00 euros of direct investments. Site of 9 hectares. 8000 M² of covered buildings. Capacities of 3000 T per year. That’s 10,000 pallets. Goal. Provide 10% of the needs of a Francophone distributor among the leaders of its market.

Creation of 40 on-site jobs and 30 for foresters and service providers in the region.

Launch of wood purchases and equipment. January 2019. Launch of deliveries to France, summer 2019

Renewable energies

Creation of a team within Dexpert, in cooperation with legal, economic and technical partners to identify, support and manage projects for renewable energy production plants. geothermal, solar, wind, bio-mass, hydraulic, on the Ukrainian territory, for Francophone investors.

Production of electricity, hot water, steam, sold through public markets or for public or private consumers.

Creation of production and self-consumption solutions for industrial or agricultural sites or public establishments located in Ukraine.


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