Our current missions


Outsourcing of Ukrainian food products for French importers, processors and packers. Snails, honey, frozen fruit, fruit purées, fruit juice, fruit concentrates, cereals. Identification of resources, collection or production networks, packaging, transport management and health analysis. Lot verification and signing of multi-year supply contracts. Burgundy croc, mill curve, cmd, beekeepers associated, apidis, villeneuve, family mary

Export of Ukrainian frozen fruits to French-speaking processors and packers. frozen fruit, fruit purées, fruit juice. signatures of multi-year supply contracts. http://www.atlas-export.com/

Charcoal, pellets, firewood, fire lighters

Analysis of the production supply in Ukraine for French distributors, hardwood, light wood. Identifications of around 1000 producers, visits of 400, monthly follow-up of the top 100, help with the improvement of production processes, bagging and storage. For the North Forest

Export management of Ukrainian charcoal producers for the European market outside France. Analysis and monitoring of the market, identification of the main actors, distributors, sales networks. 500 clients followed. http://www.carbontrading-ua.com, visa wood, Shardan

Identification of suppliers or stakeholders in ancillary products, pallet, paper bag, film and packaging cover, labels, French bagging equipment used or new. Design of charcoal production and bagging equipment, organization of work and tasks of an active site


Establishment of a sector in Ukraine manufacturing parts for a French car brand. wwww.ligiergroup.com

Aluminum wheels, tires, glazings, electrical wiring, battery, foundry parts, turning parts, machining, galvanizing. Frame elements, aluminum profiles. Saddlery. Any possible supply in the territory of Ukraine.


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