Dexpert is:

30 years in the service of the production industry and renewable energies 12 years of activities between French-speaking countries and Ukraine.

From now on A multidisciplinary and complementary team. to help you seize the opportunities that arise in this new market, whether from France to Ukraine or from Ukraine to France:

From the raw material to the finished product. From specification to certification. Identification of a market segment, a supplier, a customer, a network.

Daily support in all the stages of the professional relationship, followed by agreements of a supply, production, sales … delivery contract.

The sun is rising east of Europe. A new horizon, new partner.

Ukraine, 600 000 km2, the second largest country in Europe. more than 42 million people, is located in the geographical center of the continent. Its subsoil, its agricultural lands, its regional and climatic varieties, but also its high level of study, offer a potential for important exchanges and cooperation for the future.

Since September 2017 and the start of the Association Agreement, the export growth is over 40% compared to the previous year. all signed agreements guide all normative systems, laws, services, production, training, towards standardization with the standards of the European Economic Community.

The availability of land, raw materials, energy, labor, promotes implementation and / or development in all areas.

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