Dexpert’s creation

Since 2006 the founding members of the company, whose name is Dexpert at the moment, in different organizations have accomplished a large number of contracts: import, export, investment, distribution and representation between France and Ukraine.

Dexpert is created to support French and Ukrainian entrepreneurs in 2015, when Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova were preparing to sign the Association with the EU. This agreement, undoubtedly, would have influenced many relations, the standards of the productions, the actors, the quantities of exchanges … .. In addition, our professional team and the experience of our partners are at your service.

A large number of contracts, signed with the French and Ukrainian companies from 2015, helped us develop the design and tools that we use. Our missions allow us to supply products every day in France and Ukraine.

Thanks to the participation in conferences, symposia and trainings, the company Dexpert has become famous throughout Ukraine. We visited thousands of companies and accompanied many. We had the honor to take part in an educational campaign of the Kyiv-Mohyla Buisiness School and the International Fund “Vidrodjennia” in the different regions of Ukraine.

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